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Best types of printmaking

Printmaking allows you to transform any object from household items to clothes and accessories into a unique artistic piece by stamping your own designs. Your spectacular escorts will show you the richness of several techniques such as woodcut, etching and monotype to mention some. They can also teach you the basics in terms of the management of procedures and tools that these methods imply. Let them introduce you in this exciting world of creativity.


Discover an entire universe of aesthetic possibilities and graphic resources

As true art admirers, your dazzling ladies from the Escort Directory love to inspect and explore numerous types and techniques of printmaking. They are not afraid of setting their imagination free and pushing the traditional limits. If you feel curious about this kind of creative expression, resort to them to discover the most well known methods and materials.

As these delightful girls will inform you, woodcut is considered as one of the best types of printmaking. It is a relief printing technique performed on a wooden matrix.

There are two variations for this technique as your marvelous escort will explain you, and they are related to the direction of the fibers of the wood. In the first method, the piece is cut longitudinally to the trunk of the tree, in the second case it is engraved in a transverse direction. The selected approach will have implications not only in the final appearance of the stamp, but also in the work on the surface of the matrix.


The tools to be used include chisels, U and V gouges, knives, metal brushes, forks, micro-cutters and pyro-engravers among others.

Your amazing escorts will also tell you about etching which is one of the so-called printmaking indirect techniques. It consists of applying varnish, formerly wax, on a metal plate so the artist can draw on it. Once this is done, it is placed inside an acid solution that will corrode the areas with the strokes of the sketch.

The longer the dive or concentration, the grooves will be deeper, so that more ink is deposited resulting in darker lines.

Etching has undergone through a process of evolution in terms of products used like varnishes, metals and acids as your astonishing escort will tell you. Currently the traditional work technique involves a more sustainable engraving that substantially modifies the materials and, what is more important, the concept.

Creating impressive graphic art pieces

Monotype is another technique catalogued among the best types of printmaking as your exquisite escorts will inform you. In essence it consists of painting or drawing on a preferably non-porous matrix.

For that reason, many artists resort to materials like metal, methacrylate, linoleum or polycarbonate to mention some.

The drawing is made with oil or aqueous ink. When it is finished it is transferred by contact into a rigid support when the pigment is still fresh. It gives as a result a unique and original image.

Since artworks created with this technique are unique, they are highly demanded by collectors as your smart escort will tell you. The appearance of this kind of pieces is easily distinguishable by the characteristics of a brushstroke or a direct and loose line as well as the evanescent edges.

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