Jogja International
Miniprint Biennale (JIMB)

Major printmaking competitions

Printmaking involves ancient art techniques that give place to marvelous pieces which are collected by many. For such reason, there are many institutions that promote competitions in this field with the purpose of encouraging emerging artists to develop their capacities to the maximum.


Creative artists that impress the world through fascinating pieces

Printmaking techniques allow artists to analyze the visual world that surrounds them in such a way that they are able to capture such sensations which in turn enhance our sensibilities. It is almost impossible not to feel connected to the virtuoso at the moment of appreciating his work.

An increasing number of artists are exploring the different printmaking techniques, as they allow them to produce an original piece which results from their solely desire of creation. During the last decades the virtuosos have found in this kind of art a means of specific expression and have made a valuable contribution to the development of new techniques and styles. This would not have been possible if they had not excelled in the major printmaking competitions.


Competitions that encourage the expansion of artistic expressions

Major printmaking competitions have as a main goal to provide support to emerging artists who aim to transmit through art their perspective of the world. That is the case of New Light Prize Exhibition which rewards the virtuoso with the most creative skills with prizes that worth approximately £15,000.

The execution of the impression is assessed by the quality of the work and also by its capacity to convey the emotions of the artist. When the piece is created, a kind of metaphor occurs in which each imprint corresponds to a feeling, to an opinion about someone or something, to a mark on someone.

Such artwork must have the capacity to fix an idea in the mind of the observer. In this way, anyone who appreciates the piece will be able to connect with the feelings and emotions experienced by the artist at the moment of the creation of the piece.

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